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Teams, Clubs and Leagues understand the importance of creating a positive and supportive environment on the sidelines.  Player development and enjoyment correlate directly to this atmosphere.  Unfortunately, poor behavior by parents is difficult to police and even more difficult to change.

Sport Clamps was created to assist organizations in changing the sideline culture in youth sports.  They give individuals, teams, clubs and leagues a way to ensure that positive messages and club values are reinforced at each and every game.

They also provide an overt way for your club (and logo) to be associated with positive messaging in youth sports.

Through our group sales, you will receive not only volume price discounts but also (with your logo owner’s permission) branded flags made for your organization. Imagine, your group’s logo flying alongside flags saying “Sportsmanship”, “Effort”, “Hard Work” and Desire” on each and every field you play.

At Sport Clamps, we share your desire to develop both players and people.  We think all players deserve the chance to compete in a safe and supportive environment.

You finally have a partner and proactive tool to use to help change the sideline culture.

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